AG-82302 Digital Angle Finder / Protractor Tool with Spirit Level 0 ~ 360° Measuring Range 0.1° Accuracy

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AG-82302 Digital Angle Finder / Protractor Tool with Spirit Level 0 ~ 360° Measuring Range 0.1° Accuracy

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Whether you're a professional or an amateur DIY-er or craftsman, unleveled edges and badly measured angles are a real no-no. Take the guesswork out of measuring, marking and reading angles—no tricky geometry or complicated calculations required—with our Digital Angle Finder/Protractor. This is an accurate and effective tool that allows you to check, set or measure any angle, with 0.05° high resolution, ±0.1° accuracy, read angles ranging from 0 up to 360°, and has a reversed face (result is always displayed in upright position) that allows you to readily measure every possible angle. Easy use, just simply swing open the tool's pivoting arm and immediately read the angle on the digital display window.

The tool over all is quite durable and even it endured a few knocks and a bit of rough treatment will still measure accurately within its specified accuracy range. Its flat, straight edges are perfect for marking accurate lines with a marker or pencil, or even for running the edge of your circular saw against to make an accurate mitered cut. It can be used in the same way on a jointer or drill press as well. Our Digital Angle Finder/Protractor ensures high level of accuracy you require to deliver a good result.

Say goodbye to unprofessional handiwork with this smart, digital angle finder with moving blade, which measures a full 360° and built-in spirit level that comes in handy.


  • High resolution of 0.05° and easily transfers miter angles with no calculations necessary; computes angles accurately to ±0.1°
  • Allows quicking locking of blade 0-225°, -225°-0, -45°-180° or -180°-45° angle
  • Set at any angle within the 360° through manual setting
  • With bubble/spirit level, for checking level on structures or for building structures, working on projects, etc.
  • With analog quadrant display to allow easier deciphering of angle position
  • Rated as waterproof to IP54 standard
  • ABS mode - automatically records the original zero position after power is off & display always reads upright
  • Absolute and relative measurement display with a single push of a button
  • With HOLD function, value retain on the LCD screen even if the measuring arm is being move
  • With innovative large LCD readable display shows the exact angle at once great for eliminating eye strain and display reads to one tenth of a degree
  • With adjustable pivot bracket/arm provides up to 225° range of movement, fairly strong and rigid
  • Turn-off automatically if idle for 5min
  • Low power consumption
  • Smart & lightweight aluminum casing
  • Easy calibration and zero setting
  • Aluminum blade and box body ensures rust-resistant and durable and with a box shape main measure reference base (for extra strength) and rigidity
  • Made out of strong durable material for use on even the most demanding job sites
  • With small plastic hook for storage of the tool, or to hang from your tool belt with an appropriate secondary hook or clip


Essential for a wide range of applications:

  • Ensure the accuracy of cutting equipment and other tools
  • Create straight edges when assembling furniture
  • Guarantee correctly built wood and metalwork projects
  • Make sure wallpaper and cornices are level when decorating
  • Measure all kinds of angles, drawing lines, accessory of power tools, checking existing angles and transfer these to other pieces for cutting
  • Useful for measuring, marking, and setting angles


  • Waterproof: IP54
  • Measuring Range: 0 ~ 360°
  • Resolution: 0.05°
  • Accuracy: ±0.1°
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Automatic Shutoff: 5 Minutes
  • Working Current: <80uA
  • Work Temperature: 5°C~45°C
  • Work Humidity: <85%RH
  • Battery: 3V CR2032 Lithium battery
  • Battery Life: more than 2000 hours
  • Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 10.5" (21x50x255mm)
  • Weight: 410g

Set Includes  

  • 1 x Digital Angle Finder with Spirit Level
  • FREE battery
  • Packaging with Englsih instructions & guide

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