AM-4836C Multi-function Thermo Anemometer CUP speed air Weather

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AM-4836C Multi-function Thermo Anemometer CUP speed air Weather

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    Measure SPEED in selectable units such as meter/second, kilometers/hour ,feet/minute & knots, FLOW in selectable units such as cubic meters /minute & cubic feet/minute, TEMPERATURE in selectable units such as Fahrenheit & Celsius, and DIRECTION in 16 directions at 22.5° resolution.

    Sensor is meant for general and long-term maintenance-free operation. Detachable probes have sensitive sensors that that detects even the lightest breeze. It calculates Beaufort Scale and estimates Wave Height based on wind measurement. LSI Microprocessor advanced microprocessor technology guarantees the highest level of accuracy.


    • Sensitive directional 3-cup type sensor w/ ultra-low friction ball bearing
    • Max Value Data Hold feature
    • Save 24 groups of memorized data that can also be held, retrieved and deleted
    • With easy to read LCD screen with vivid blue backlighting that can be switch On and OFF
    • With 0-9 minutes Auto Switch-Off set by users
    • Probes have mounting hole for optimal stability, more accurate results
    • Optional RS232C Software CD (not included in the set)


    • Measurement units & parameters
      • Air Velocity: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots
      • Air Flow:
        • CMM (m³/min)
        • CFM (ft³/min)
      • Beaufort Scale: Force
      • Wave Height: m
      • Wind Direction: ° from the North direction
      • Air Temperature: °C & °F 
    • Range Specifications 

    • Display: 0.5" (13mm) 4-digit LCD
    • sampling rate: 1 reading/sec
    • Direction probe: low friction directional probe with compass
    • Temp. sensor: NTC-type precision thermistor
    • Operating Temp.: 32~122°F (0~50°C)
    • Max Operating Humidity: 80% RH
    • Power: 4 x 1.5V AAA
    • Size: 156x67x28mm (main unit), 65x65x115mm (velocity sensor), 86x69x115mm (direction sensor)
    • Weight 260g

    Set Includes

    • 1 x Digital Anemometer
    • 1 x Low friction probe
    • 1 x 3-cup probe
    • English Operating Manual
    • Protective Carrying Case

    Optional Item
    (not included in set)

    Please click here to buy this optional item   Extra CD Software and cables

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