DLG-87799_SD Professional Humidity and Temperature SD Data Logger

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DLG-87799_SD Professional Humidity and Temperature SD Data Logger

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This advanced professional datalogger is a standalone data logger that measures and stores relative humidity (RH) and air temperature (TA) over 20%~90%RH and 0~50°C(internal sensor) and -10~70°C (external sensor probe [direct contact]) measurement ranges. It directly records data onto standard SD memory card and when full, just exchange SD card for unlimited data storage. Each data set includes temperature, RH, time and date. Data gathered are saved in .txt file, these preformatted data can be uploaded or paste to Excel directly. This well made unit is extremely accurate with fast response times. Also, it has 2 temperature sensors, built-in internal sensor (measures ambient temperature) and external sensor probe (measures temperatures in water or fridge, etc.)


Features adjustable RH and TA alarm, maximum logged value and minimum logged value, low battery indicator, real-time display and selectable temperature units (°C/°F). Sampling rate can be adjusted from 1min to 720min according to the user's desired logging interval. This well made product is extremely accurate with fast response times, and comes with 256MB SD memory card (also compatible with SDHC memory card).


This unit is powered by batteries and/or AC power adaptor and uses only 1 power source at a time. AC adaptor is ideal for long and continuous data logging however, when it looses power source, logging will stop and will not be reverted even if electricity is back. In this event the dual power source becomes handy. In the event of electricity black-out, the standby battery (loaded in the battery compartment) will automatically be activated. Once the presence of electricity is detected, it will go back to AC power and the batteries will not be use again. With this advanced system, data will be continuously be logged even black-out occurs.



  • Reads humidity and air temperature
  • Parts and Sensor are made in Switzerland
  • Design with capacitance type RH sensor to get accurate and quick reading
  • Multiple & simultaneously display air temperature and humidity and Real-Time
  • Uses SD memory card data logging system for continuous recording
  • Dual Temperature Sensorbuilt-in internal sensor & external sensor probe
  • Highly accurate microcomputer circuit
  • User-programmable high & low alarm thresholds for humidity & air temperature
  • User-programmable sampling rate from 1min to 720min
  • Easy-to-read super big and high contrast LCD
  • 3 Warning Indicators should the temperature exceeds the set limits:Audible beep (can be turned off), alarm icon on the LCD & bright red led indicator
  • Battery low indicator
  • Temperature unit: °C & °F (switchable)
  • Max/Min value since power on function for easy data review
  • Fast response time, update value every 10sec.
  • Real time display in 24/12 hour format
  • Built-in tabletop/desktop stand and wall mount for long time monitoring
  • Long battery life (via alkaline battery)
    • without logging data: last for one year
    • with SD logging: last for one month (with approx. 1min interval)




  • Temperature
    • Range: 0~50°C (Display: -10~70°C)
    • Resolution: 0.1°C/°F
    • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Humidity
    • Range: 20~90%RH (Display:0%~99.9%RH)
    • Resolution: 0.1%RH
    • Accuracy: ±5%RH (at 25°C, 10~90%RH, others ±7%RH)
  • External Temperature
    • Range: -10~70°C (Display: -30~70°C)
    • Resolution: 0.1°C/°F
    • Accuracy: ±0.6°C (0~50°C), ±1.2°C(-10~0°C, 50~70°C)
  • Accuracy: No specified for -30°C ~ -10°C
  • External Probe
    • Size: 4 x 25mm (DxL)
    • Cable: 2M long, material: PVC
  • SD Card
    • Capacity: Max. 2GB SD card or 4GB SDHC card (MMC & SDXC cards are not compatible)
    • Compatibility: FAT16 & FAT32
    • Maximum File size: 30,000 records
    • Maximum File size: automatic file creation once max file size is reached
    • Maximum File size: (a complete date/time/TA/RH%/TEMP is treated as 1 record)
  • Sampling Rate: 1 to 720 mins. Default:10 min
  • Beeper (dB): ~65dB
  • RH% Self Calibration: YES, via salt chamber
  • Power Consumption: <0.4mA
  • LCD Size: 63 x 70mm (HxW)
  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature: 0~50°C
    • Humidity: < 90%
  • Storage Environment
    • Temperature: -10~50°C
    • Humidity: < 90%
  • Power Source: 1.5V AA 3pcs or 5V adaptor (both are included)
  • Dimension: 110 x 91 x 30mm
  • Weight: approx. 200g



Set includes:

  • 1 x Professional SD Datalogger
  • FREE AC 5V Power Adaptor x 1
  • FREE 256MB SD Memory Card x 1
  • FREE 1.5V AA Battery x 3
  • User's Manual
  • Standard Factory Box

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