FF-718 Wired 80M Professional Fish Finder w/ Sonar Transducer

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FF-718 Wired 80M Professional Fish Finder w/ Sonar Transducer

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This Professional Fish Finder is designed for amateur & professional fishermen and fishing enthusiasts, to find out fish location, Depth and Bottom Contour of water. This professional version is equipped with Adjustable Dot Matrix FSTN LCD screen that can Zoom at specified depth, for magnifying the area around the bottom revealing fish and structure close to the bottom that may not be visible in typical operation.

This wired fish finder has the following advantages : Water Temperature measurement in displayed in either °C or °F, Auto & Manual range selection and wider 80m (240ft) depth range coverage.

This amazing product can be used in Ocean, River, Lake and even on Icy Water for Ice Fishing. The sonar is able to detect school of fish in any particular area and can be mounted in 4 different ways such as Boat Hull, Floats, Poles and Ice.


  • Auto & Manual Depth range
  • Zoom at specified depth
  • Adjustable depth alarm setting
  • Adjustable 5 different selectable sensitivity settings to suit different situation
  • Adjustable 4 chart speed setting
  • Selectable Meter and Feet depth units
  • Depth range readout up to 80m (240ft)
  • 4.6cm or 46mm diameter Round transducer sensor with 25ft cable, 45-degree beam angle and removable float
  • With simulation mode
  • Can be used as a fish finder and a depth sounder
  • Audible Fish Alarm with on/off feature
  • Shows the fish depth location in units or in specific depth figures
  • Displays live update of the Water Bottom Contour (grass, sand and rock) in the sea
  • Clear fish icon with on/off feature
  • Battery strength indicator
  • Comes with removable adapter with 180° adjustable angle for mounting to any flat surface or boat hull
  • Resist the interference from grass when used in lake
  • Can mount the sonar with the following ways
    • Fix it to the boat hull
    • Fix it on a pole and push it into the desirable position inside the water
    • Use a float on the cable to mount the sonar inside the water
    • Cut a hole on the ice surface and place the sonar under the water
  • Has both CE & RoHS approval


  • Display : Big Adjustable High-contrast Dot matrix FSTN LCD 128Vx64H
  • Screen size: 43 x 48mm (W x H)
  • Sonar Frequency: 200kHz
  • Round Transducer Sensor: 45 degree beam angle
  • Bottom contour: Show true changing of water bottom contour
  • Depth Range (Min/Max) : 2~240ft (0.6~80m)
  • Water Temperature Indicator in Celsius (°C) / Fahrenheit (°F)
  • User selectable meter or feet readings
  • Back lighting: white LED with on/off feature
  • Water Resistant Design / Level-4 (spray-water-proof)
  • Operational Temperature: -4~158°F (-20~70°C)
  • Power Supply: 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)


Set Includes
  • 1 x Professional Fish Finder
  • 1 x 4.6cm or 46mm diameter Round Transducer Sonar Sensor with 25ft cable
  • 1 x Removable Transducer float
  • 1 x Transducer adapter (FREE)
  • 1 x Stainless Bolt
  • 1 x Stainless Wing Nut
  • 1 x Neck Strap/Lanyard (FREE)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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