GL-01_2 Refractive Index Fluid for Gem Refractometers (2 vials, approx. 3ml/vial)

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GL-01_2 Refractive Index Fluid for Gem Refractometers (2 vials, approx. 3ml/vial)

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The Refractive Index Fluid is Gemologist tool for identifying Refractive index. The product allows your refractometer to measure within the measuring range of 1.30 to 1.80 Refractive Index. Perfect for testing ALL of your stones! As the name implies, it is widely used with gem refractometers as a contact medium for the identification of gemstones. This Burgundy liquid can also be used to reduce or eliminate glare from a gem's surface, facilitating inspection of the gem's interior for inclusions and other defects.

Our refractive index oil measures the refractive index of transparent gems, this is done by testing how the speed of light is altered when passing through oil which can be seen when this oil is used together with a gem refractometer.

This GL-01 fluid is packed and will be supplied in an amber glass vial and contains approx. 3ml of solution.

To guarantee the liquids maximum shelf life, keep this liquid securely sealed after every opening, and remember to place the vials in areas which are protected from direct light and dry environment with moderate temperature.

Choose more value for your money with the Refractive Index Fluid for Gem Refractometers.


  • Approx. 3ml Refractive Index Fluid in every vial
  • Measuring Range : 1.300 to 1.800 RI
  • Perfect economy RI Fluid
  • Good consistency for easy flow

Operating Information:

  • Apply the refractive index oil to the lens by using a thin applicator. This avoids dust capture from your hands.
  • Touch the drop of oil gently to the slide and permit it to flow. Do not dab it on the lens, because dabbing increases the likelihood of bubbles.
  • Once oiled in a low position, the lens should be raised slowly to spread the oil equally on it.
  • Carefully place the object on the spread refractive index oil on the lens to begin viewing.
  • After use, the refractive index oil should be removed immediately from the lens. If these oils harden on the lens, they might be difficult to remove, and result to damaged lens. Wipe the lens with a moist soft cloth and store in a dry, dustless container

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