GX-380 48 LED Camera Microscope Ring Light (White Bulbs, 74mm max dia)

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GX-380 48 LED Camera Microscope Ring Light (White Bulbs, 74mm max dia)

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This ring light offers a bigger mounting diameter, which measures 74mm. Big camera lenses and microscopes will now enjoy the diversity of having a well-distributed soft illumination in which can be adjusted depending on the user's requirements to suit a particular application. It reflects off the subject which is proven to be effective in minimizing shadows and provides exceptional uniformity, and optimal clarity. When used, ring lights are also effective solutions for minimizing specular (a perfect mirror-like reflection of light from a surface) reflection and glare. It helps the microscope and camera to have UNAMBIGUOUS and STUNNING results.

You won't have any trouble viewing the surface defects and conquering the visibility problems coupled with glare and shadow during your inspection and quality control. Hard-to-see imperfections in plastic and metal surfaces and defects in solder joints and fine points on translucent surfaces will become more visible when illuminated with this new LED ring light. Glare reduction can be an indispensable asset for many applications such as electronics, eliminating the reflections off solder beads when inspecting assembled circuit boards. 

It helps you to achieve images that are sharper, brighter, vibrant, and with superb quality! It has a HUGE MOUNTING DIAMETER to accommodate huge camera lenses and microscopes. The device can be use continuously as light source, which is an advantage to the cameras that uses the light to focus while hunting in a dark places or areas.

This ring light with 74.5mm mounting diameter will surely give your camera and microscope the optimal clarity and glare-free images. Experience the it's diversity!


  • Slim & with bigger mounting diameter to accommodate big cameras and microscopes
  • Quick, easy to install and use to camera and microscope
  • With 48 white LED bulbs for the bright and most favorable lighting environment
  • Brightness are adjustable for better flexibility to suit any job and consistent lighting for object illumination
  • Screws are also adjustable to keep camera and microscope in place
  • Provides cool, uniform, flare free and focused shadow-free illumination
  • With low temperature to maximize the user's comfort and operation, even for a long period
  • With adjustable diameter for the ultimate in attachment flexibility for various tools and equipment
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards for long and trouble-free life
  • Provides adaptable power cord for US or UK or Australian or Italian or German or European region


  • Illumination: 48 bulbs
  • Adjustable Matching Diameter: 30mm-74.5mm
  • Optimum light range: 43mm-151mm
  • Input Voltage: Universal (110V-240V AC 50-60Hz),auto switching
  • Output: 14V DC 300mAMAX
  • Lamp Life: 100,000 hours of life
  • LED Ring Light Mounting Diameter: 74.5mm (max)
  • Controller's Dimension: 63mm x 32mm x 104mm
  • Adjustable Brightness


Set Includes:

  • 1 x 48 LED Ring Light
  • 1 x Main Controller
  • 1 x Power cord (available in US / UK / AU / EU plug)
  • Standard Packaging Box  

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