KD-200 80 LED Camera Microscope Ring Light CE (warm white 70mm max diameter)

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KD-200 80 LED Camera Microscope Ring Light CE (warm white 70mm max diameter)

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Design mainly to fit right to any camera & microscope.Every single unit is marked with CE on the controller's housing, which means it PASSES ALL THE EUROPEAN STANDARDS.It has have the ADJUSTABLE 70MM MOUNTING DIAMETER that covers a great area of SUPER BRIGHT but soft and well-distributed illumination that can be adjusted depending on the user's requirements. The unit uses 80 WARM WHITE bulbs that reflect off the subject,proven to be effective in minimizing shadows and provides exceptional uniformity, optimal clarity, and an effective solution for minimizing specular (a perfect mirror-like reflection of light from a surface) reflection and glare to produce CLEAR and VIVID results.

Inspection and quality control is no longer a problem to view surface defects and overcome the visibility problems associated. Hard-to-see imperfections in plastic and metal surfaces, defects in solder joints and fine points on translucent surfaces all become visible when illuminated with KD-200.


  • Have 70mm mounting diameter for bigger camera lens and microscopes
  • Biggerring light to cover a vast area of soft illumination
  • 80 white LED bulbs for bright and most favorable lighting environment
  • Adjustable brightness for flexibility to suit any job and consistent lighting for object illumination
  • Adjustable screws to fit camera and microscope and secure attachment
  • Provides exceptional output uniformity, mounting ease, cool,flare free and focused shadow-free illumination
  • Low temperature to maximize the user's comfort and operation,even for long period
  • Adjustable diameter for the ultimate in attachment flexibility for various tools and equipment
  • Longlife
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards ensures along and trouble free life.
  • Adaptable power cord is provided for US or UK or Australian or European


  • Input voltage: Universal (95-240V AC 50-60HZ), auto switching,suitable for worldwide
  • Output : 14V DC 300mAMAX
  • Power: 12W
  • Light color: white
  • Light control: easy-to-operate dimmer for adjustable brightness
  • Mount diameter: 70mm (max)
  • Working distance: 50 - 240mm
  • Number of LEDs: 80
  • Plug: Power Cord for US or UK or Australia or Europe


Set includes:

  • 1 x LED ring light with 80 pcs LED bulbs
  • 1 x Main Controller
  • 1 x Adaptor (Available in UK / US / EU / AU plug)
  • Standard Factory Package

Operating Information:

  • Connect the power cord to the power supply input socketand the LED Ring Light jack to the LED Ring Lightinput terminal.
  • Plugin the other of the power cord to the power outlet.
  • Attachedthe KD-200 to your microscope or camera and usethe Adjustable screws to tighten and secure theattachment.
  • Turnon the Controller by pressing the Power switch.Adjust the illumination by rotating the BrightnessAdjustment switch in a clockwise motion. The higherthe rotation degree the brighter the illuminationit gives.
  • Rotatethe Brightness Adjustment switch in a counter-clockwise(opposite of clockwise) motion to decrease the brightness
  • Pressthe Power switch turn the device off.




  • Wipe the controller's housing with clean and dry softcloth. Do not use wet cloth because it will affectthe electricity flow of the controller and mightcause the device to malfunction.
  • You can use the box when storing the device in the storage. Keep it in the dry area.


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