PH-201 Digital pH Controller + Electrode + Solutions 110V or 220V

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PH-201 Digital pH Controller + Electrode + Solutions 110V or 220V

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The Digital PH Controller offers a convenient way for you to keep an eye on the various water parameters in your tank. With the electrodes in place, it can monitor the pH readings at all times while controlling the pH-related devices (such as CO2 system, air outlet stone,oxygen pump, electromagnetic valve, etc.) This unit comes with 2 FREE BOTTLES OF CALIBRATION SOLUTION to keep the controller always accurate and in control. It can be connected to CO2 system wherein PH-201 controls the solenoid valve to regulate the release of Carbon Dioxide in the water.Once the desired pH is set and the PH-201 senses a changes in pH level, the relay-steered Control Output Power automatically sends a signal to the solenoid valve.The CO2 regulator will adjust the release of Carbon Dioxide until it reaches the set pH.

This fully automatic system helps stabilize your water pH by adding an appropriate amount of CO2 to your aquarium. This system includes a pH controller so you don't have to monitor the amount of CO2 being released into your aquarium. The PH-201 controller will track pH, which is directly related to CO2 concentration. The pH controller will keep pH and CO2 releases consistent and appropriate for your aquarium.

PH-201 can be used for every purpose,from a goldfish bowl to a full-blown reef tank. It can also be used for fish hatcheries, wine production, swimming pools, floristics, analysis of fluids (ph-value), ponds, various industrial applications, Pisciculture, Koi, Kois, Boiler,Pond, Spa, orchids breeding, breeder and hemp!


  • Comes with pH6.864 and pH4.003 Calibration Solutions for free
  • Provides large LED display for easy monitoring of pH accurately plus the values are readable within few seconds
  • Control range is digitally adjustable from pH 3.5 to 10.5
  • With high input impedance avoids measuringerror
  • Built in SLOPE and CAL. adjust knob,easy for single point or two points pH calibration
  • Front LED lamp indicate when relay "ON".
  • Choice of wall-mount or hung in installing the controller
  • Includes a BNC connection for use with a PH Electrode
  • With fast response and easy to calibrate replaceable pH electrode and comes with complete calibration fluids
  • It is very reliable, stable and transportable
  • The operation is simple and comfortable
  • Controller will handle up to 5 amps
  • Uses the Protection Dead Band feature,an additional feature of PH-201 in which the controller automatically turned-off or shut down to protect your unit from erroneous readings


  • Measuring range: 0.00~14.00PH
  • Accuracy: ±(0.1%+2 digits) after calibration
  • Resolution: 0.01PH
  • Set Range: 3.50~10.50PH
  • Relay Contact : 5A for AC 110V or 220V
  • Power Requirement : AC110V ±10% 60Hz / AC220V ±10% 50Hz
  • Voltage: 220V or 110V
  • Environment: Temperature is 0°C~50°C and Humidity is <95%
  • Dimensions: 150mm×85mm×40mm
  • Weight: 580g
 Set Includes
  • 1 x 1 x pH Controller
  • 1 x FREE bottle of pH6.864
  • 1 x FREE bottle of pH4.003 calibration solutions
  • 1 x English Operation Manual
  • 1 x Mini-screwdriver
  • 1 x Controller Holder
  • 1 x Adaptor forUK or US or Europe or Australia
  • 1 x Detachable pH electrode
  • Standard FactoryPackaging 

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