PM1208M_leather Gamma Master II Leather Strap GAMMA RADIATION WATCH

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PM1208M_leather Gamma Master II Leather Strap GAMMA RADIATION WATCH

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A Wrist Nuclear Gamma Radiation Detect Watch with a sleek & stylish combination of gamma dosimeter. This Gamma Master II brand is a Swiss-made watch. A precision timepiece with a built in solid state radiation detector. It has Geiger-Muller tube that acts as its sensor that detects & measure gamma-radiation and convert it to Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) and Dose Equivalent (DE). These information helps you track and monitor radiation level on the area that you are in as well it estimates the potential accumulated absorption of gamma radiation.

It has an adjustable alarm for DER and DE and notifies user when defined set limits for gamma-radiation are reached. It ensures the reliability and accuracy of the watch operation. Plus, the water-resistant steel case enables the use of the instrument on the depths up to 100m or 328ft. The watch also has an electroluminescent back-light allowing it to be operated in the dark.

The small dosimeter is essential for professionals working with radiation sources as well as for anyone concerned with radio ecological issues. As the radiation background increases greatly at high-altitudes, Gamma Master II wrist gamma indicator is recommended to frequent airplane travelers for monitoring their radiation exposure. This amazing detector is also ideal for

  • emergency personnel & people working in the hospital
    who may have to respond to accidents, incidents or terrorist attacks, which could involve radioactive material as well as those who administering x-rays and other radio active related hospital job;
  • crystals sellers, per study crystal shave radiation and might reflect radiation to people selling crystal and radiation maybe higher

The only way to be sure no radiation is involved is to measure it. Moreover, by connecting the Gamma Master II to a PC via installing included Software CD and an IrDA or infrared adaptor, you can send data stored in Gamma Master II to the PC for storage or for further analysis to see if the gamma radiation on the area is in safe range or not.Also, the Gamma Master II allows multi-user interface, to store their own readings into the same machine. This can be one Gamma Master II with more than one user or more than one Gamma Master II with one or more users.

*********NOTE: IrDA adaptor is not included in the set and can be bought anywhere

In addition, more and more ordinary citizens are interested in personal radiation protection. Reasons include lost sources, nuclear accidents, nuclear or radio logical terrorism and the possibility of nuclear weapons being used in a war. We live in a world where radiation is a reality. People want to have the ability to measure it for themselves and they want to be notified when the radiation levels increase.

By having a radiation detector built into your watch, it is always available. The Gamma Master II will notify you of the presence of radiation, even when you don't think of it.



  • Calibrated by Polimaster Ltd at the Republic of Belarus
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Continuous monitoring and measuring of the ambient gamma dose and dose rate
  • Detects Gamma-Radiation via Geiger-Muller tube sensor
  • User alert of hazardous situations with an audible alarm (DER & DE adjustable alarm)
  • Transmitting all recorded data via an infrared channel or IrDA adaptor to a PC for further processing and analysis (IrDA adaptor is not included, you can easily buy the adaptor anywhere)
  • Recording and storing data for up to 500 events in its non-volatile memory
  • Fully functional Digital watch
    • digital hours, minutes and seconds
    • date & month or year
    • daily alarm
  • Fully functional Analog watch
  • Hour-Minute-Second Hands
  • Lumination or "glow-in-the-dark"hands, see current time even in the dark!
  • Electroluminescent (or EL) Backlight
  • 100m Water-resistant
  • Can be used by both professionals dealing with radiation on a daily basis and concerned citizens


  • DER
    • Indication/Threshold Range : 0.01 to 9999.99 µSv/h(0.01/0.1/1.0/10.0/100)
    • Total memory : 500 reading records
  • DE
    • Indication range / Threshold range : 0.001 to 9999.999mSv (0.001/0.01/0.1/1.0/10.0/100)
    • Accumulation time range : 1 to 9999 hour
  • Energy Range : 0.06 to 1.5 MeV
  • Measurement time decreases automatically in the range : 300 to 2 seconds
  • Detector : GM (Geiger-Muller) tube
  • Alarm type : visual, audio
  • Water resistant : 100m (328ft)
  • Battery : One CR 2032 Lithium battery(included)
  • Calendar mode : alarm clock
  • Watch surface diameter : 45mm
  • Weight : 130g
  • PC Communication IRDA (IrDA adaptor not included in the set)
  • System Requirement for PC :
    • compatible with Windows 98 / 2000 / XP
    • CPU : Pentium 200 or above
    • RAM : 32MB or above
    • Resolution : 800 x 600 or above

Set Includes 

  • 1 x Nuclear Gamma Radiation Watch (Leather Strap)
  • 1 x FREE Software CD
  • 1 x Operations Manual
  • 1 x Wooden Deluxe Box



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