RHWN-25ATCBr 0-25% ATC New Alcohol Refractometer (0-25%VOL, 0-40%Brix)

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RHWN-25ATCBr 0-25% ATC New Alcohol Refractometer (0-25%VOL, 0-40%Brix)

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RHW-25ATC has been engineered to bring you the RHWN-25/Brix ATC models wherein a mini-screw driver is no longer needed to calibrate your refractometer.The RHWN-25/Brix ATC is a metal device that provides you with fast & accurate results. It's dual-scale provides you the direct reading of the alcohol as well as brixmeasurements.

This Grape & Alcohol Refractometer is mainly designed to test the sugar content in original grape wine and alcohol-content by volume of the grape wine made from the fermented grapes and sugar concentration in the grapes.

You can measure the brix & alcohol content accurately in seconds! 

Among our 3 types of refractometer -- traditional, new design and with built-in LED --only new design refractometers don't need a mini-screw driver to calibrate themMaterials used are carefully selected to bring out the best quality. With aluminum body, it provides more accurate measurements and simply stands up better over time. Each use, always clean the refractometer and make sure that no air bubbles appear. FULLY EQUIPPED with ATC, automatically adjust itself to correct temperature discrepancies during use. Refractive Index is very temperature dependent, it's important to use a refractometer with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) to give you the most accurate measurement in any type of environment temperature.


  • Focus is adjustable and can be controlled manually
  • Equipped with built-in calibration knob
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty and a non-roll stand
  • Guaranteed high quality and accurate testing results
  • Provides dual-scale for direct reading
  • Equipped with Built-in ATC compensation Range (Automatic Temperature Compensation) from 10°C-30°C or 50°C to 86°F to correct temperature discrepancies during use
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards
  • Durable, Heavy-duty and lightweight with its aluminum construction
  • Made with the highest and finest quality of aluminum & rubber
  • Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber
  • Comprehensive operations manual, complete with protective carrying case, and pipettes are provided for user's convenience and comfortability


  • Measuring Range:
    • Alcohol: 0-25%VOL
    • Brix: 0-40%Brix
  • Min. Division:
    • Alcohol: 0.20%VOL
    • Brix: 0.20%Brix
  • Accuracy:
    • Alcohol: ±0.2%VOL
    • Brix: ±0.2%Brix
  • Length : 156mm long
  • Heavy duty (Durable Aluminum)

Set includes:

  • 1 x  NEW DESIGN Grape Wine Alcohol Refractometer
  • Sturdy protective carrying case with contoured foam
  • 1 x English Operations Manual
  • 1 Pipette

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