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Model : SET E
The Set hand-pick best tools and combine to give you the high quality devices and tools plus the spectroscope is upgraded to a big one. The set includes Gemological Refractometer with Built-in Light Source and Index Oil, Handheld Polariscope, Darkfield Loupe, Desktop LED Lighting, New Calcite Dichroscope, Big Prism Spectroscope, Jadeite Filter, 20x 21mm Triplet Jeweler's Loupe and 10x and 20x chrome plated Loupe all in one package. Made with precision and quality to insure accuracy, durability, comfortability for ease of using each slick and stylish devices.

1) GEM REFRACTOMETER with Built-in Light Source and Index Oil (GR-701):
The GR-701, commonly known as Gemstone Refractometer, is the primary and most powerful tool in identifying and authenticating polished precious and semiprecious gemstones and also observing the optical properties and the structure of gemstones. This model is just as good as the expensive models used in gemological institutes, it has a built-in light source and with the aid of the Contact liquid (RI Fluid), which creates an optical contact between the glass and the gemstone, you can measure or test the Refractive Index of faceted stones, its transparency or opacity, and its beauty, durability and scarcity.

  • Convenient & easy to carry
  • With built-in light source
  • With Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • A bottle of Refractive Index Fluid is provided
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards
  • Undoubtedly durable and very reliable
  • Measuring Range: 1.30 €“ 1.81 RI 
  • Minimum Graduation (RI): 0.01 RI 
  • Illumination: Internal illumination with momentary switch
  • Size: 35mm x 63mm x 115mm 
  • Scale Division: 0.01 nD 
  • Weight: 0.4 kg 
  • Ranges of Application: Laboratory, Gemology
  • Filter: Polarizing filter 
  • Power Source: 1.5V x3 button batteries 
    Accessories included:
    • Small Vial of 1.800 Refractive Index Oil
    • Polarizing Filter 
    • 1.5V x3 button batteries
    • Pouch Case 
    • Refractometer Index Reference List (For 77 common gemstones, i.e. Calcite, Jadeite, Quartz etc.) 
    • English User's Manual
    2) Handheld Polariscope with Flash light (CLMG-7202):
    The polariscope is used to test cut or rough gemstones. Allows two polarising filters to observe the structure and optical properties of precious stones or minerals. It visually shows if a stone is doubly or singularly refractive. It can also be used in identifying Moissanite and detecting strain in diamonds.
    • Darkfield Loupe
    • Size: Lenght: 80mm, Diameter : 28mm
    • Gemmologist tool for diagnosing optical properties of a gemstone (singly refractive or double refractive).
    • Material: Optics glass, Metal
    • Handheld LED flashlight
    • Lenght: 156mm
    • Diameter: 24mm
    • Power: AA battery x 2 , (Batteries are not included)
    Accessories included:
    • Handheld LED Flashlight
    • Carry Pouch
    3) Handheld Darkfield Loupe with Flashlight (CLMG-7201):
    The darkfield loupe is an important and essential tool in examining colored gemstones, for anyone buying diamonds or diamond jewelry and in viewing many fracture-filled diamonds that are currently circulated worldwide. A fracture-filled diamond also known as clarity enhanced diamond, is a diamond which contains a crack or cracks that have been filled with a glass-like substance to improve the overall appearance of the stone. Using the darkfield loupe is the easiest way for most people to spot fracture-filled diamonds.
    • Darkfield Loupe
    • Magnification : 10x
    • For grading gemstone, Using dark Field lightning for inspection of inclusion, internal cracks, surface marks, etc.
    • Viewing field (lense) : 18mm in diameter
    • Length : 10mm
    • Handheld LED flashlight
    • Length 156 mm LEDs x 3
    • Power : AA x 2 (not included)
    Accessories included:
    • LED Flashlight
    • Carry Pouch
    4) Desktop LED Light (N-7202):
    The Desktop LED Light is an enhancement tool for use in Handheld polariscope, Handheld Darkfield Loupe or Gem Refractometer.
    • Size: 98mm x 58mm
    • Diameter: 24mm
    • Power: AAA battery x 3 (Included)
    5) New Calcite Dichroscope (CLMG-7208):
    Dichroscope show whether or not a stone is dichroic (reflects 2 colors). This can be helpful in differentiating stones of the same color from one another. Dichroscopes can be useful with identifying gemstones that are still in the rough and when stones are set and difficult to get to with other instruments. Light entering the dichroscope is broken into two polarized rays that have vibrational directions at right angles to each other. The two images in the dichroscope represent the polarized light and the pleochroic colors signifies doubly refractive stones except if the stone is viewed thru the optic axis. Single color in the dichroscope represents singly refractive stones.
    The advantage of the dichroscope is that the two pleochroic colors that may be characteristic of a given direction in a doubly-refractive gem are seen side by side. If no dichroism is identified in the first assessment, the stone can be turned and viewed in other directions.
    • Type: calcite
    • Diameter: 15mm
    • Length: 60mm
    • Body: Metal
    Accessories included:
    • Leather Soft Case
    • User Manual
    6) Big Prism Spectroscope (CLMG-7204):
    This Big spectroscope breaks up the light that is being transmitted from a gemstone to its spectral colors. The process allows the gemologist to see the various wavelengths absorbed by the gemstone. Thereby allowing the gemologist to know what elements are contained in the gemstone that are causing the absorption. Making this as one of the most important tools in identifying gemstones.
    Spectroscopes allows you to analyze a loose or mounted stone's spectrum. They help distinguish naturally colored diamonds from those that have been irradiated and help to distinguish natural stones from synthetics by the stone's selective absorption of certain wavelengths.
    • Length: 130mm
    • Diamter: 20 mm
    • Material: Aluminium (Heavy Duty)
    • Inside Instruction: Prism Type
    7) Jadeite Filter (CLMG-7300):
    An essential device in identifying colored stones. While it was originally intended to rapidly differentiate between genuine Emeralds and the pastes and doublets which resemble them, it also is a valuable aid in identifying other colored stones, as well. Designed to transmit only deep red and yellow-green light, and the best results are obtained when stones are examined under a strong electric light. Just hold the filter close to the eye with the stone or stones (for a number of stones can be examined at one time) receiving as much light as possible. Under these conditions, Emeralds (absorbing in the yellow green) usually appear distinctly red or pinkish in colour, the actual tint varying from merely pinkish in the case of pale stones, to a rich almost ruby red for better coloured specimens. On the other hand, most imitations of the genuine stone (pastes, doublets, soude Emeralds) retain a green appearance. A helpful tool in identifying certain red, blue and green stones.
    It has a glass filter which gives better clarity, reduces distortion and provide better protection from humidity. With Jadeite filters you can differentiate the genuine emeralds from the fake once, as well as checking the authenticity of aquamarine and sapphires with comfort and ease.
    • Filter Diameter: 20mm
    • Body: Made of metal
    Accessory included:
    • Leather Carry Pouch
    8) 20x 21mm Triplet Jeweler's Eye Loupe (GM-20):
    This is a 20x lighted loupe with 21mm Triplet Optical Glass Lens have six bright white LED lights around the lens to illuminate the field of view & the stone being viewed and a slide switch to turn lights on and off. Its natural white light helps to look at inclusions, a perfect light for viewing without causing strain in your eyes!
    • Top quality 20x Triplet with 21mm optic lens
    • Loupe with 6 cool bright LED lights
    • Produces bright image and good visibility, even in poor light conditions
    • Direct illumination eliminates shadows
    • Aplanatic - Corrected for spherical aberrations, for larger field of view from side to side
    • Achromatic - Corrected for color distortions, for true color viewing
    • Precision optical glass lens brings fine micro-detail into view
    • Triplet Lens - Three separate lenses bonded together, vastly superior to doublets and single lens magnification
    • Black frame, designed not to reflect light onto the object being viewed
    • Made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases
    • Swing away cover function as handle & dust protector
    • Brand new pocket-sized loupe!
    • Loupe
    • Power: 20x
    • Diameter of lens: 21mm, optic glass
    • 6 x LED Ultra Bright
    • foldaway
    • Powered by 3 x button batteries
    Accessory included:
    • Leather Carrying Case
    • Box
    • Lock Key for screw latch
    • 3 x button batteries
    9) 2-in-1 Chrome Plated 10x and 20x Jeweler's Loupe (MG-22181):
    Made with precision, HEAVY DUTY, HIGH QUALITY and one of the most important tools used to inspect gemstones and other jewelry. With its special OPTICAL GLASS with 10x & 20x powerful magnification lenses, objects appear to be larger and reveal tiny details that couldn't seen with normal vision even the very smallest detail into sharp focus such as tiny crystals, trace minerals, grain surfaces, and microfossils. It comes with a Cushioned Sturdy storage case for protection and ease of carrying anywhere.
    • With 10x & 20x magnification
    • With 2 diameter options, 18mm & 12mm
    • Useful tool for a variety of gemstones
    • Reliable and transportable
    • Durable & built to last long, indeed a value for your money device
    • Complete with FREE sturdy carrying case with cushioned compartments that fits the device perfectly, an added protection for the device
    • 2 Loupes in 1 Folding
    • 10x magnification 18mm Diameter
    • 20x magnification 12mm Diameter
    • Length when completely Closed: 2 inches
    Accessory included:
    • Sturdy carrying case with cushioned compartments

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