T013003WX WiFi Android iPhone Endoscope Borescope 9.8mm Camera 1M Cable

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T013003WX WiFi Android iPhone Endoscope Borescope 9.8mm Camera 1M Cable

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Model: T013003WX

This high resolution Snake Endoscope Camera is a unique instrument that can wirelessly stream high-quality video from a camera at the tip of a long probe to a nearby iPhone or iPad screen. You can view real-time video via WiFi connection with WEP(WiFi) Password Setup Security.It can also broadcast simultaneously to iPad, iPhone and Android.

Typical applications include inspections of hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas like crowded engine compartments, equipment enclosures or HVAC ductwork.

The standard 1m Flexible & removable/detachable has a 7mm tube diameter with 45mm minimum bending radius. It can retain its configured shape for inspecting hard-to-reach areas. The tube also has a 9.8mmcamera head with IP67 waterproof level rating. Inspect area under water, gaps and holes effortlessly.

Plus, an optional Extension Cable (3m/9.9ft) allows you to extend the vision of inspection point.

An iOS viewer and controller that enables you to remotely monitor live video and taking pictures from a Borescope Camera. Its not only a Wireless Camera, but a Borescope Camera with built-in WiFi Hotspot. This great feature enables it to connect to Borescope Camera only having to select WiFi Hotspot from your iOS WiFi Setting Panel. No additional IP or Port setting is needed.

  • Support AndroidiPadiPad2iPhone3GSiPhone4iPhone4S running iOS4.1 or later
  • Real-time viewing with WiFi connection 
  • Snap Shot function (Take Photos and saved under photo folder on your Android, iPhone/iPad)
  • Live View function
  • WiFi network, no cellular network
  • Excellent high performance and good quality, that plays live VGA resolution stream at 25 FPS to bring better user experiences
  • Add sound alert while taking pictures
  • Brightness / Contrast / Hue / Saturation function (adjustable)
  • Power ON/OFF button 
  • Comes with 2300mAh of Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    (can be charged via your iPad/iPhone Power Adapter or via PC/Laptop using USB charging cable)
  • Power indicator Red LED
  • WiFi Connection indicator Green LED
  • Video output socket
  • Flexible tube with 9.8mm IP67 waterproof camera head
  • Flexible gooseneck that enables you to see where your eye can not reach
  • Lightweight, main unit weighs only 210g including the rechargeable battery



  • Image Sensor: 1/9''VGA CMOS
  • Video Resolution: 640*480(VGA)
  • Frame Rate: 25fps(VGA on iPhone/Ipad)
  • Video Streaming Format: MPEG4
  • Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 45°C (30 ~ 113°F)
  • Mobile Surveillance Support
    • iPad/ iPad2
    • iPhone3GS / iPhone4 / iPhone 4S running iOS4.1 or later
    • Android OS
  • Security: WEP(WiFi)Password Setup
  • Camera Lighting: 2 White LEDs
  • Camera Head: 9.8mm diameter
  • Gooseneck Length: 88 ±2cm
  • Bending Radius: Min. 45mm
  • Broadcast simultaneously to iPad, iPhone and Android.
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery (included in set)
    • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 3.7V 2300mAh
  • Weight (Main unit): 210g (flexible tube not included)
 Set includes
  • 1 x Lightweight Video Borescope with WiFi
  • 1 x Standard 1m Flexible Tube with 9.8 mm dia. Waterproof Camera Head
  • 1 x AV out / Video TV Cable
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 x Hook Tip
  • 1 x Mirror Tip
  • 1 x Magnetic Tip
  • 1 x User's Manual
  • 1 x Standard Paper Box

Optional Item(s):  (not included in set):

          Please click here to buy this optional item   3m (9.9ft) extension cable

or you may contact us at sales(at)gainexpress.com if you want an optional items to be included in your order 

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