TH-9806 2-in-1 Aquarium Thermometer for Tanks & Rooms

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TH-9806 2-in-1 Aquarium Thermometer for Tanks & Rooms

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A Digital LCD thermometer is primarily intended for use with an aquarium, but it also doubles up as a room thermometer to adequately control the temperature in both ways. A sliding switch, at the bottom right-hand side, selects either the water temperature or the room temperature. This Digital Thermometer have accurate measurement of aquarium water or room temperature in °C. It has an operational range of between -50°C to +70°C to help you maintain the right or appropriate temperature that provides a healthier environment. Ideal for use with aquariums, but also as a room thermometer and slide switch selects room or aquarium temperature.

A good thermometer to see what the temperature really is. Have 2 types of thermometer in just one device.

Features :

  • Displays an accurate temperature of the water inside your tank
  • Unit of temperature is in DEGREE CELSIUS (°C)
  • User-friendly and easy to install with its step-by-step operating information
  • Has a digital LCD for ease of reading
  • A piece of 1.5V (AG13) battery is provided for a clean and wireless environment
  • A comprehensive user's manual is provided to best utilized the TH-9806


  • Measuring range : -50°C ~ 70°C
  • Resolution : 0.1°C
  • Accuracy : ±1°C
  • Power Supply : 1.5V(AG13) x 1
  • Dimensions : 60mm × 55mm × 23mm
  • Weight : 43g

Set Includes

  • 1 x Digital Water and indoor Thermometer
  • User's Manual
  • A piece of 1.5V (AG13) Battery 

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