TM-8811 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter 1.5 - 200mm

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TM-8811 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter 1.5 - 200mm

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The latest model among the thickness meter. This newly improved meter new features includes automatic power off , instant millimeter (mm) to inch (in) conversion and more accurate. It's very convenient and easy to operate though complex and highly advanced device. It's usage of Microcomputer LSI circuit advanced microprocessor technology and crystal time base guarantees that measurement has highest level of accuracy with fast measuring time. Its capable to shift the velocity with 10m/s and 100/s increments and measure different materials with its sonic velocity. It bears the CE marking that certifies its compliance with the essential health standards and safety requirements set out by the European Directives, thus your safety while using this thickness meter is assured.

It's fully equipped to measure thickness and corrosion of pressure vessels, chemical equipment, boilers, oil storage tanks, and even in the industries of petroleum, shipbuilding, power station and machine manufacturing. It can measure any hard materials, including steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, brass, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and other materials.

Experience the versatility , get the thickness measurement without removing any coating or without creating any damage the object being tested.



  • Uses Microcomputer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement & fast measuring time
  • With wide measuring range of 1.5mm ~ 200mmhigh resolution with Low Battery Indicator
  • Has CE marking, conforms with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives
  • With high power emission and broad band of receiving sensitivity, the gauge can match probes of different frequencies. It is widely used in almost all types of industries to measure rough surfaces and even cast iron with ease
  • Capable to give measurements of many of materials including Steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, Red copper, Brass, Zinc, Quartz glass, Polyethylene, PVC, Gray cast iron, Nodular cast iron
  • Automatically switch off after about 2 minutes from the last key operation
  • Features instant results that's clearly & legibly shown on an easy-to-read LCD screen and gives exact reading with no guessing or errors
  • With FREE Protective & sturdy carrying case with contoured rubber compartments that fits the device perfectly. When closed, it then sandwiched between rubber foam to achieve optimum shock absorption.
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards
  • Made from quality materials to ensure its DURABILITY for LONG and TROUBLE-FREE life



  • Operating principle: ULTRASONIC
  • Measuring range: (metric/imperial)1.5~200mm, 0.06-7.87inch (45# steel)
  • Resolution: 0.1mm / 0.001inch
  • Accuracy: ± (0.5%n+0.1)
  • Sound velocity: 500 - 9000 m/s
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C-50°C (32°F-122°F)
  • Operating Humidity: Less than 80% RH
  • Display: 4 digits, 10mm LCD
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA battery (not Included)
  • Size: 160 x 68 x 32mm (6.3 x 2.68 x 1.26in)
  • Weight: About 208g 

Material Selection

1 cd01 Steel
2 cd02 Cast iron
3 cd03 Aluminum
4 cd04 Red copper
5 cd05 Brass
6 cd06 Zinc
7 cd07 Quartz glass
8 cd08 Polyethylene
9 cd09 PVC
10 cd10 Gray cast iron
11 cd11 Nodular cast iron
12 xxxx Sound velocity




Set Includes:

  • 1 x  Ultrasonic Glass Thickness Meter
  • 1 x FREE bottle of Glycerin
  • 1 x Ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 x English Operating Manual
  • 1 x Protective Carrying Case with contoured rubber compartment


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