VM-6370 Vibration Meter Piezoelectric Sensor Displacement Velocity Acceleration 10Hz~10kHz Range

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VM-6370 Vibration Meter Piezoelectric Sensor Displacement Velocity Acceleration 10Hz~10kHz Range

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Small size Vibration Tester, very easy to carry and light weight convenient to use and operate. It is used for measuring periodic motion, check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery. It is designed for measuring of various mechanical vibration. Build with rugged construction that allow long time usage.


  • Can diplay the parameters of displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration simultaneously.
  • In accordance with ISO 2954, used for periodic measurements, to detect out of balance, misallignment and other mechanical faults in rotating machines.
  • Specially designed for easy on site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control, commisioning, and predictive maintenace purposes.
  • Individual high quality accelerometer for accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Bearing condition monitoring finction
  • Digital LCD display
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Wide frequency range (10Hz~10kHz) in acceleration mode
  • Automatic power shutt off to conserve power.
  • AC output socket for headphones and recording (Headphone is optional and not included in the set)
  • Can communicate with PC computer for statistics and printing by the optional cable and the software for RS232C interface (not included in the set)



  • Display: 4 digit LCD backlit
  • Sensor: Piezoelectric Transducer
  • Accuracy: 5% of reading + 2 digits
  • Measurement range:
    • Displacement: 0.001~4.000mm Equivalent Peak~Peak: 0.04~160.0 mil
    • Acceleration: 0.1~400.0m/s2 Equivalent Peak: 0.3~1312ft/s2; 0.0~40g
    • Velocity: 0.01~400.0mm/s True RMS: 0.004~16.00 inch/s
    • Frequency: 5Hz~1kHz
  • Frequency Range:
    • Displacement: 10Hz~1kHz
    • Acceleration: 10Hz~10kHz
    • Velocity: 10Hz~1kHz
  • Metric Imperial Conversion
  • Analogue Output: AC output 0~2.0V peak full scale (load resistance: above 10k)
  • With Max. value hold and low battery indication
  • PC interface: RS232C (cable and software not included in the set)
  • Power off: Manual off at any time or auto power off is enabled by user
  • Operating conditions:
    • Temperature: 0~50°C
    • Humidity: <90 %RH
  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Size: 130 x 76 x 32mm
  • Weight: 340g (excluding battery)


Set Includes:

  • 1 x Digital Vibration Meter
  • 1 x Magnetic Suction Seat
  • 1 x Piezoelectric Transducer
  • 1 x Probe (Cone)
  • 1 x Probe (Spherical)
  • 1 x English Operation Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • Standard Factory Packaging


    Optional Item (not included in set)
          Please click here to buy this optional item   RS-232 Software & Cables  
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